Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Just ask a question!

It is still raining after last night's thunderstorm.  The storm woke my son, Henry, and as we sat in the rocking chair, lightening struck again followed by thunder.  Henry asked "What's that sound?"  It was new to him.  It was the first time he had heard thunder.  Henry is only two years old and is constantly asking about new sights and sounds he encounters.  We are still mostly in the identifying stage and have yet to fully cross into the "why" behind the "whats" - I know that's right around the corner.

It's fun to watch children grow up, hear thunder for the first time and feel free to ask questions.  As adults, the unknown/unfamiliar can be a little more challenging.  We find ourselves sometimes not admitting we don't know something because we're afraid of being judged, deemed stupid or naive, or feel inferior. 

It's by putting yourself in new situations allows you to continually learn and expand.  It's okay to ask questions.  To learn.  Remember, even the expert had to be introduced to their subject and earn their expertise at some point.  Sometimes people just need permission... so I'm giving it to you.  I give you permission to confidently ask questions about something unfamiliar to you.  I give you permission to be amazed today.  

It's even a healthy exercise for when you think you already know the answer to something.  Life gets more interesting when you're engaged and ask questions.  Just go ahead and ask another question! 

Another fun exercise for those looking for inspiration... ask the internet a question, click the images tab, and see what comes up! 

For example, I asked the internet, "What is fun?" and this is what it came up with...

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


I've been thinking about inspiration this past week - how to stay inspired, where to find inspiration, and what to do when inspiration strikes.

One avenue I'm exploring is color.  I'll share a couple Facebook posts from the past two weeks. 

Another inspiration outlet that I often plug into is a good ol' internet search.  You never know where a search may lead.  For example, today I wanted to look at images of vintage sheets (bed sheets) and I came across several great images of vintage sheet music.  Loved it and also discovered a new artist duo while I was at it!

Here's an example of some of the wonderful images I came across:


Not only do they serve as an interesting color palette but also showcase great text layout and embellishment. 

Where do you find inspiration?

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

New Commission

I'm in the process of working on a commission for a new woodblock. I love the idea and how it fits in with my existing work. My patron said that when him and his partner expressed their gratitude for each other they would say "Lucky Us". I think that expression translates to this woodblock really well.

Take a look at the progress. I hope to be printing soon, so that Santa can put this under the tree!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Painted Muslin Dolls

I was inspired to make my niece a gift - a hand-sewn and painted muslin doll. Something soft and one-of-a-kind for a beautiful and precious baby girl. After some encouragement, I was convinced to make a couple more and have them available in the Leedy-Voulkos Art Center Shop.

The two dolls that are available for adoption this christmas are named Destiny and Faith. These unique ladies have faux fur-trimmed starry coats over their bright dresses and tulle skirts. The adoption fee is $50 - contact the gallery if you are interested.

Solo Show at the Leedy-Voulkos Art Center

Courtney Wasson, "Woodcuts" Exhibition
November 4 - January 28

Artist Statement-
My work is inspired by collectibles and “artifacts”. As a young girl, I spent a lot of time with my parents going to antique malls and helping out at my mother’s shop. I saw how collectibles could define a person or how a person could make a statement with their collection. I became interested in these invested images and items people used to communicate their beliefs and worth.

To put it simply, I’m interested in symbolism and how we invest or imbue meaning into a symbol. The extensive use symbolism in our society is fascinating. I enjoy how a symbol can bring a depth of meaning. I also enjoy secret languages our symbols can create – such as the Victorian language of flowers. I look at these symbols and investigate how I would use them to communicate a simple idea, feeling, or adage.

I enjoy the process of printmaking. I like that it is not immediate. It takes physical effort and time investment. I find the process of printing is engaging. Carving a woodblock, the sound of ink as you roll your brayer, the anticipation of pulling the print through the press, and the physicality of the printed image pressed into the paper is rewarding.
My block prints are simple, black and white images created using a technique that doesn’t try to mask or hide the wood block – by leaving some chatter on the print, as well as wood grain.

When I begin a piece, I find a symbol and try to marry it to a word or saying. I am exploring the relationship created between image and word, and often find different associations between the two. I choose woodcuts as my medium because of the time and effort it takes to create the image. It’s a religious activity, I like the idea that I often have to come back to the block several different times and engage in the cathartic action of carving the woodblock. For me, knowing that these images weren’t quick and easy to create gives them more meaning.


I am available to help you with your design needs! The past year I have been a freelancing busy bee - everything from handmade invitations to design and layout for business needs. If you need help with something or know someone who does - check out my website!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Recent Work

I recently created a series of woodblock prints combining simple statements with elements of the Victorian language of flowers.

This was the first work I completed in my studio since my son, Henry, was born. The work was hung at Mildred's, a local coffee shop. I was flattered when Tom Ryan asked to write an article about the work for his blog and Present Magazine.

There are a few prints left in this series if you are interested in collecting one - just send me an email.