Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Just ask a question!

It is still raining after last night's thunderstorm.  The storm woke my son, Henry, and as we sat in the rocking chair, lightening struck again followed by thunder.  Henry asked "What's that sound?"  It was new to him.  It was the first time he had heard thunder.  Henry is only two years old and is constantly asking about new sights and sounds he encounters.  We are still mostly in the identifying stage and have yet to fully cross into the "why" behind the "whats" - I know that's right around the corner.

It's fun to watch children grow up, hear thunder for the first time and feel free to ask questions.  As adults, the unknown/unfamiliar can be a little more challenging.  We find ourselves sometimes not admitting we don't know something because we're afraid of being judged, deemed stupid or naive, or feel inferior. 

It's by putting yourself in new situations allows you to continually learn and expand.  It's okay to ask questions.  To learn.  Remember, even the expert had to be introduced to their subject and earn their expertise at some point.  Sometimes people just need permission... so I'm giving it to you.  I give you permission to confidently ask questions about something unfamiliar to you.  I give you permission to be amazed today.  

It's even a healthy exercise for when you think you already know the answer to something.  Life gets more interesting when you're engaged and ask questions.  Just go ahead and ask another question! 

Another fun exercise for those looking for inspiration... ask the internet a question, click the images tab, and see what comes up! 

For example, I asked the internet, "What is fun?" and this is what it came up with...

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